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Monsoon Magic at Vedic Heritage

November 28, 2013

Monsoon starts in Kerala from the first week of June. Kerala has mainly two stages of monsoon. The southwest monsoon is from June and lasts for a few weeks. Then comes the sunny months of August- September. In mid October comes the second and last part of the monsoon or the northeast monsoon which is often with thunder storms and lightning.

Monsoon is a very special time and according to ayurveda the best time for a panchakarma rejuvenation therapy. It doesn’t rain day and night and for days in a stretch. Usually it rains for a few hours and the sky can clear up passing the sun rays to dry up the wet atmosphere. But it can sometimes happen that it can rain a few days in a stretch. Then there is nothing else you can do but enjoy the rain drops hitting the ground in an ecstacy of down pour.

Here is a 59 seconds video that we made during the last phase of this year’s northeast monsoon and it rained for a few weeks, which is quite unusual. But it was simply some superb days of a special ambiance in the nature.

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